It’s a (w)rap, your Honour!


Slick like Harvey Specter but raps with the best of them, lawyer turned rapper, Simba Mak, traded his suit and tie for a life of beats and rhymes earlier this year. Based in Melbourne where he’s practised as a lawyer for over five years, Simba Mak is constantly show-bound and is fast becoming one of Australian hip hop’s finest emerging talents.

Simba Mak is an artist who has always embraced duality, particularly when it pertains to career and vocation. In the last few years whilst juggling between the corporate and urban scenes, he has been diligently sharpening his skills as an MC and he has carved his own lane through his music, articulating his life’s journey and exploring everyday themes that relate to anybody with a desire to dream in spite of their reality.

Suffice it to say, Simba Mak's music is like a dose of your favourite blend of coffee - hot, smooth, full of flavour and guaranteed to pick you up.

Sometimes referred to as Australian hip hop’s Black Superman (because of his versatility and ability to transform into a ‘super’ wordsmith when he steps into the booth), Simba Mak is a creative, insightful lyricist and all-in-all a transfixing communicator.

Tell me more…

Simba's unique perspective to his approach to music is logical if you peel back the layers and get to know the superhero behind the music.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe under difficult conditions by his single mother, Simba doesn’t shy away from his humble beginnings or from being vulnerable. Instead, he uses his music like a psychologist uses therapy - to explore impediments faced, learn from them, heal and celebrate the victories
along the way.

Despite enduring severe childhood trauma, he resisted the urge to give up on striving for a better life; instead choosing to use the limited resources that he could find in Zimbabwe to scrap together sponsorship funding to study abroad in Australia – a plan he devised to support his mother and two younger brothers.


Breaking All The Rules

It was only when he landed Down Under that he truly discovered his desire to pursue what has always been his first love – his music. Prior to pursuing a career in music, he promised his mum that he would graduate from law school first. In his eyes, he knew that even though he was breaking all of the rules by taking an unconventional path to becoming a hip hop legend, when the time came, he wouldn’t be denied his opportunity to make his mark on the music scene.

In the short period that he has been active in the music scene, Simba Mak has toured all over Australia performing in front of thousands at Hisense Arena (Melbourne), Federation Square (Melbourne), Immigration Museum (Melbourne), Astor Theatre (Perth), numerous events in Sydney and the Parachute Festival in New Zealand. Simba’s music has also been embraced in Asia and the USA where his music has been included on a compilation album.

Simba Mak will close out 2018 with a bang.  In November, he will be releasing his much anticipated single, "I AM", and will be the headline act for Melbourne City’s New Year’s Eve Main Event at Federation Square on 31 December 2018.  Simba will be performing between 11:20pm and 12:15am, and this will include the official count down to the New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

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From suits to hoodies,

dress shoes to Timberland boots, court rooms to main stages, clients to fans, Simba Mak is the embodiment of versatility. Keep an eye out for this MC with the ability to effortlessly morph into exactly what the Australian Hip Hop scene has been yearning for all along – it’s very own Black Superman.